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Just some files for your downloading pleasure

It's best to hold your mouse button down on these links and "Save this link as" to make sure they download as binary files.

A HyperCard GS Stack of Young's Literal Bible

LinuxPPC binary of SLiRP 502K (and for earlier kernals too...)

Another LinuxPPC binary AND source of SLiRP 1 Meg (works with 2.2.x kernals)

And from the other end of the religious spectrum:

Thomas Paine's Age of Reason: HyperCard GS Stack 218K

Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: HyperCard GS Stack 466K

And from Max Jones of Juiced.GS and author Michael Lutynski, the Animasia-3D Manuals in electronic form!

Animasia-3D Manual I

Animasia-3D Manual 2