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Things I like!

I've been teaching at Moscow since 1981. We started our Computer Science program with 2 Apple II+ computers loaded with 64K memory, TWO floppy drives, and the Pascal language system. Most of our classes dealt with BASIC programming, Pascal programming, and for my advanced students, some 6502 assembly language.

We added to our Apple II's by getting lots of Apple //e's, and later, IIGS's. At the time Macintoshes were boring little black and white boxes, and IBM's were priced out of our league. That and I just like Apple II's! I own two Apple II GS's, an Apple //e, and an Apple II+. I also broke down, and found a used Mac LC for $100 and have been using it when I want to see pretty pictures from Netscape, instead of the speed of lynx and the GS. Aren't serial switchboxes neat! Of course, now I have an old Beige G3 that shares my cable modem with my GS's... One of which has the LANceGS Ethernet card installed. Woohoo! B-{)

Our District switched to Macs after they came out with affordable color (though they bought a load of those stupid Classics), set up a Localtalk network, and later an Ethernet network that allows us to access the Internet through our ISP (Pioneer Telephone, our local phone company). For an EXTREMELY small school, we have an EXCEPTIONAL amount of technology.


I love to read (Science Fiction, Science Fact, Tom Clancy type's of novels), listen to music (lot's of the old '70's Rock groups, Bruce Hornsby, and J.S. Bach), and camping/hiking (when I can get back to my old stomping grounds in Western Colorado). Alas, my folks sold thier mountain ranch and moved to Nebraska, so I'll have to sponge off of someone else while I'm there. B-{)

I also spend a lot of time on-line, particularly at Delphi, where I host the Friday night live conference "][ Cool ][ Be PC". We do allow Mac/PC users in, if they have at least touched (reverently) an Apple II.

I'm on as the RTC Chat Manager there. Consider signing up an joining us!