January 2003 Americana Catalog.

Lot# 1332

GW in Oval Center. Medium Spacing Between GW. The Calver Pattern. Cobb 5a, WHB.3A, RAU.WI.11B, DeW.GW1789.7, F/R.B.1016. Very Fine to Extremely Fine. Brass. 106.2 gns. 34.1mm. Original shank. Single piece. The front is a bright, rich medium golden yellow brass in color. The back is darker, as expected. Cobb's descriptive label on the back. LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT in a banner around the top, GW in an oval in the center. Top serif of G farther from upper left serif of W than the preceding, not as far as the next. This variety was discovered after the publication of WHB. Albert gave it its own listing in RAU. Unaccountably, neither DeW nor R/F recognize it as a distinct collectible. Cobb's 5a was called the Calver after the specimen in the William L. Calver Collection plated in the N.Y. Historical Society's January, 1926 Quarterly Bulletin. In May, 1946 a linen bag containing five GW in Oval buttons appeared at the Eastern National Button Show in Springfield, Massachusetts. The buttons had been in the estate of a 90 year old resident of the town. {cp8}(SEE COLOR PLATE)