January 2003 Americana Catalog.

Lot# 1336

Script GW with Salient Border. 23 Impressions. The Gardner Pattern. Cobb 7, WHB.7 (this piece), RAU.WI.5A (different specimen), DeW.GW1789.17, F/R.B.1017. Fine. Brass. 81.8 gns. 31.4mm. Shank resoldered (probably by Albert). Single piece. Bright, pale yellow brass color. The back darker, as expected. Cobb's descriptive label on the back. GW in script letters in the center, LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT in raised letters around, a salient border around composed of 23 impressions. Extremely rare: Albert also rated this R-6, with between three and five known specimens. Cobb knew of only two examples (his, ex Sally Luscomb in 1950 and Wilson's). The Albert Plate Specimen, chosen to illustrate WHB.7 in 1949. After Cobb and Albert fell out, a different specimen was used to illustrate RAU.WI.5A in 1976 (but see next lot). An example of this type was illustrated by Asa Bird Gardner in the Magazine of American History in 1883. {cp8}(SEE COLOR PLATE)