January 2003 Americana Catalog.

Lot# 1331

GW in Oval Center. Narrow Spacing Between GW. Cobb 5, WHB.3A, RAU.WI.11A, DeW.GW1789.7, F/R.B.1016. About Uncirculated. A remarkable specimen, finer than almost every other seen. Brass. 117.2 gns. 33.8mm. Original shank. Single piece. The front is a lovely, rich golden yellow brass color. The back is darker, as expected. Cobb's descriptive label on the back. LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT in a banner around the top, GW in an oval in the center. Top serif of G very close to upper left serif of W. While this may be the Washington Inaugural Button type most usually encountered at shows, this piece is decidedly uncommon because its condition is so outstanding. {cp8}(SEE COLOR PLATE)