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Hi, my name's Kirk Mitchell, and I'm a teacher for the Moscow Unified School District #209. I teach Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Computers, Chemistry and Physics. I have a lovely camera shy wife, Sandy, two lovely daughters, April, and Erika who are a constant joy to me...B-{)

I've been teaching here in Moscow since 1981. After student teaching in a High School with 2500 students, it was a real change of pace to go to one with 50! Of course, instead of 2 preparations, I now have 7 (you have to prepare, even for a class with just 1 student!), but at least it's not boring. ************************************************************

School Icon Moscow School District if you would like to read and see more of this great community!

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Rather than fill the rest of this up with links to my favorite Apple II sites, I'll just point you to:A2-Web

Also, check out some pictures taken at Kfest '97!

Here are some pictures taken at Kfest '98!

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I've started a page for collectors of George Washington Inaugural Buttons HERE where I'm displaying the J. Harold Cobb collection of GW's and information concerning them. ************************************************************

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